The 25,000 Mile Love Story
THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY chronicles the amazing five year journey of endurance athlete Serge Roetheli as he endeavors to run a distance equal to the...
The 25,000 Mile Love Story by Serge Roetheli
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This is Serge Roetheli’s personal account of how he and his wife Nicole embarked on their epic “Run for Kids” in February 2000 to help...
The 25,000 Mile Love Story: Youth Edition by Serge Roetheli
THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY is the true story of what LA Times sports writer Chris Erskine calls “the toughest man I ever met” and “quite...
Nicole’s Diary: Running the World… Losing Our Marbles by Nicole Roetheli
Two years after covering 24,115 kilometers (14,984 miles) from Ushuaia, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska, Serge (on foot) and Nicole Roetheli (on a motorcycle) took to...
Keep On Running: The American Challenge by Nicole & Serge Roetheli
Serge and Nicole Roetheli came up with a crazy idea — to accomplish something for the children who are lost in this world. Something by...
I See the Crowd Roar DVD
He made thousands of fans cheer... But he never heard one...
I See The Crowd Roar Book/DVD Combo
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The Story of William "Dummy" Hoy