Keep On Running: The American Challenge by Nicole & Serge Roetheli


Serge and Nicole Roetheli came up with a crazy idea — to accomplish something for the children who are lost in this world. Something by running — something this professional mountain guide certainly knows how to do. He had already crossed Europe by globetrotting from Gibraltar to North Cape. Accompanied by his wife, Nicole, who followed him first on a bike and then on a scooter, Serge ran 24,115 kilometers (14,984 miles) — the equivalent of 575 marathons! Their “American Challenge” is told through this beautiful coffee-table book — their run from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska lasting just under three years. From this modern day epic, there remains a concrete help to the street children of Colombia, and this book tells their story — of the storms of Patagonia, the stifling jungle of Panama, and the icy terrains of Alaska. It also recounts their joys and their pains, the bittersweet anecdotes… three years of joy… and of tears.

“In South America, Nicole and I were considered rich because we had running shoes and a motor scooter; when we crossed into the United States, we were considered poor because all we had were running shoes and a motor scooter.”

– Serge Roetheli

Book Product Details
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Dunham Books (April 15, 2013)
Product Code: 25MLS-KOR