Serge Roetheli is a world-class endurance athlete and star of a new documentary film called 25,000 Mile Love Story.

In 2000 – 2005, Serge ran 25,422-miles circumnavigating the globe. The trip took 1,910 days with the help of his wife, Nicole.

Over the course of the tour, Serge used up 64 pairs of trainers, was mugged three times and both he and his wife battled malaria.

The aim of the endurance run was to raise funds for International Vision Quest.

The whole adventure was caught on film for the movie “25,000 Mile Love Story”, which is screening at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles from 10th – 20th July 2013.

We caught up with Serge to ask him about his experiences:

1. What is the best piece of running advice you have ever received?

You have only two decisions to make: You either decide to do it or you don’t and if you decide to do it, you commit 100%. There is no possibility to fail.

2. How did you put together the World Tour trip?

It took lots of planning and it wasn’t a decision that my wife and I arrived at easily. We made all of our own arrangements and had no official sponsor of any kind. We handled all of our own logistics.

3. Were there any special challenges to running so far so many times?

Yes. Mostly that there was a high price to pay for the pursuit of our dream. We risked to lose everything every day.

4. What has been your running highlight from the trip?

When we finished! When we were in Nepal… absolutely beautiful!

5. What is your favourite piece of distance running kit?

Coca-cola! I drank 6 tons of it over the course of 5 years.

6. Which running challenge will you take on next?

I have attained my dream in running. And have returned to mountain climbing and other endurance adventures.

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