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The 25,000 Mile Love Story: American Public Television version
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Starring: Serge & Nicole Roetheli
Director: John Davies
Format: Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, NTSC
Rated: Not Rated
Run Time: Approx. 57 minutes
Product Code: 25MLS-APT-DVD

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THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY chronicles the amazing five year journey of endurance athlete Serge Roetheli as he endeavors to run a distance equal to the earth’s circumference to raise money and awareness for the world’s impoverished children. Accompanied by his wife Nicole, who drove a motorcycle with their supplies and pup tent in tow, the Roethelis were confronted with challenges that pushed them beyond their limits as they crossed six continents and thirty five countries while battling against unforgiving landscapes, extreme weather, civil unrest, and near death illnesses. Remarkably, they survived it all. At the heart of their journey is a love story a relationship of two people who believed in achieving the impossible along with a love of nature, competition and humanity.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story by Serge Roetheli

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Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Dunham Books (December 18, 2012)
Product Code: 25MLS-APT-BK

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This is Serge Roetheli’s personal account of how he and his wife Nicole embarked on their epic “Run for Kids” in February 2000 to help children in developing countries. After 25,422 miles (40,912 kilometers) and 63 months later on May 7, 2005, Serge had averaged a marathon every other day, drank over 6 tons of Coca-Cola and wore out 64 pairs of shoes. There are fascinating stories of the children Serge and Nicole met in jails, orphanages they visited, poverty and snakes they encountered, coupe attempts and malaria that they survived, continuing on with broken bones, running the Sahara Desert, surviving running in hurricanes, plus a very humorous and unforgettable experience with cabbies in New York City.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story: Youth Edition by Serge Roetheli

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Book Product Details
Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Dunham Books (September 9, 2014)
Product Code: 25MLS-YBK

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THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY is the true story of what LA Times sports writer Chris Erskine calls “the toughest man I ever met” and “quite probably the greatest endurance athlete of all time.” This new “youth edition” will challenge our kids to make their lives into a great adventure, while always looking out for the poor and downtrodden. Its message: “Possessing more or less doesn’t ensure happiness or even victory. You cannot win the race overnight; you win it by persistence and by daily devotion. And you win it by doing the little things well.”

Nicole’s Diary: Running the World… Losing Our Marbles by Nicole Roetheli

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Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Dunham Books (April 15, 2013)
Product Code: 25MLS-ND

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Two years after covering 24,115 kilometers (14,984 miles) from Ushuaia, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska, Serge (on foot) and Nicole Roetheli (on a motorcycle) took to the road again in February 2000 for a five year world tour. At the end of their crazy adventure, they had traveled 40,912 kilometers (25,422 miles) – the equivalent of nearly a thousand marathons, 63 months of running, and six continents traversed. During this “adventure à deux,” Nicole recorded her impressions, her outrages when confronted with injustices and inequalities, her joys of sharing, her times of sadness, and her happiness of living a different lifestyle.

Keep On Running: The American Challenge by Nicole & Serge Roetheli

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Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Dunham Books (April 15, 2013)
Product Code: 25MLS-KOR

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Serge and Nicole Roetheli came up with a crazy idea — to accomplish something for the children who are lost in this world. Something by running — something this professional mountain guide certainly knows how to do. He had already crossed Europe by globetrotting from Gibraltar to North Cape. Accompanied by his wife, Nicole, who followed him first on a bike and then on a scooter, Serge ran 24,115 kilometers (14,984 miles) — the equivalent of 575 marathons! Their “American Challenge” is told through this beautiful coffee-table book — their run from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska lasting just under three years. From this modern day epic, there remains a concrete help to the street children of Colombia, and this book tells their story — of the storms of Patagonia, the stifling jungle of Panama, and the icy terrains of Alaska. It also recounts their joys and their pains, the bittersweet anecdotes… three years of joy… and of tears.

“In South America, Nicole and I were considered rich because we had running shoes and a motor scooter; when we crossed into the United States, we were considered poor because all we had were running shoes and a motor scooter.”

– Serge Roetheli

I See the Crowd Roar DVD

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Producer : David Risotto & Bruce Marko
Product Code :ISTCR-DVD

DVD Product Details: 40 Minutes Documentary, short biography

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I See The Crowd Roar Book/DVD Combo

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Publisher : Dunham Books (April 15.2013)
Product Code:ISTCR-Book/DVD Combo

Book Product Details: Paperback w/DVD:116 Pages
Product Details for DVD:40 Minutes Documentary, Short biography

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