Lance’s Journal: Brad Thomas Is A Courageous Cowboy


There’s not a human being alive today that doesn’t face challenges. It’s just that some people deal with those challenges better than others. And it doesn’t hurt if your life-long dream lies on the other side of those obstacles.

We can all learn a little something about living life to it’s fullest from Brad Thomas.

He was born in Broken Bow and raised in Oconto, Nebraska.

For the first 5 years of his life, he was just like any other country kid growing up on the farm.

That was until a traumatic accident changed his life forever.

In the middle of a hot, dusty feedlot, tending to 30,000 head of cattle, there’s nowhere else Brad would rather be, “You get to get up every day, ride a horse, be around cattle, good life.”

For Brad, all he ever wanted was to be a cowboy, “Livin’ the dream! I grew up around the horses and stuff so I’ve been around it my whole life.”

Brad had just started kindergarten when his life would change in the blink of an eye, “It happened when I was five years old, fell into a grain auger, lost both arms, spent a lot of time back and forth between here and Texas goin’ to the hospital down there.I tried prosthesis up until 10 or 11 and just kept goin’ on the way I am.”

Brad continues to impress his fellow cowboys on a daily basis and despite his challenges, there really isn’t anything that he can’t do. Mike Oldfather never ceases to be amazed with his fellow pen rider, ” He’s on the go from sun up to sundown. Brad’s got the biggest heart of anybody you’ll ever find. There’s nothin’ that he can’t do he’s just an amazing guy.”

This 36 year old’s always positive attitude is what impresses the General Manager at Cozad’s Darr Feed Lot, John Schroeder, “Brad tries some things that some people never dream of trying that got two arms and he doesn’t have two arms and he still does it anyway and proves that he can do anything that anybody in this country can do. He just finds a way to get it done.”

Brad admits that he couldn’t have accomplished what he has all on his own, “I’m thankful for the family that I had and the friends I had growin’ up because they helped push me a little bit and they didn’t ever give up on me.”

For this courageous cowboy it all comes down to 3 simple words, “Never give up. If you want it bad enough you’ll get it.”

Courtesy 10/11 News @CBS affiliate in Nebraska.

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